Nordic Naturalia Natural Winemakers' Fair:
living wines, real vignerons

Nordic Naturalia is probably the first and now largest Natural Wine Fair in Sweden. With the first edition having taken place in 2019 and having seen a great affluence of both private public and trade operators we were encouraged to embark again on this wonderful adventure and expand with an even larger and richer selection of natural vignerons.

Nordic Naturalia was born out of the love and passion of the founder Giovanni Segni and his Swedish partner for vibrant, passionate and terroir-driven natural wines with interesting stories to tell. The Nordic public has embraced the Verb of natural wines with a passion and we consider it our sacred mission to introduce an ever growing range of natural vignerons to a wider and wider public, both natural wine lovers and anyone who feels a curiosity towards this wonderful world. We believe that natural wine is much more than a mere product, as it is a vehicle for the transmission of a rich breadth of cultural visions, a sustainable world view, and a living cultural object. Oh yes, and just always utterly fascinating and delicious. As it almost always happens, once most people taste natural wines and the fires of passions are ignited it’s almost impossible to go back. Every convert to the cause if for us, and we believe also for all vignerons, a reason to rejoice and a small victory.

the vignerons and their stories

Each and every single bottle of natural wine tells a living, never-ending tale. A tale that sees a miracle unfolding, the miracle of the meeting and alignment of terroir, history, grape and the vigneron’s vision and inspiration. At Nordic Naturalia you’ll be able not only to enjoy unique, exceptional natural wines, but also to meet vignerons from all over Europe and beyond who have made it their mission to give light to wines that are always alive, utterly delicious and come from sustainable farming and winemaking

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producers & food

Nordic Naturalia people

guidelines in the vineyard & cellar

• Farming must be preferably organic or biodynamic certified and in any case, where certification is absent, exclude all use or synthetic products (fertilisers, pesticides etc) or irrigation. The use of very limited amounts of copper (max 3kg/ha per year) and sulphur
(max 60kg/ha per year), with the intention of reducing them to zero when possible.

• Harvest must be manual.

• Fermentation must always be spontaneous, taking place exclusively through the yeasts naturally present on the grapes and in the cellar. For the second fermentation of Methode Champenoise it is allowed to use neutral yeasts, preferably organic and from the winery’s own grapes.

• It is not allowed to block malolactic.

• It is not allowed to aggressively control temperature, such as crio-maceration, but only to employ bland temperature control only when strictly necessary.

• The only allowed additive is a small amount of SO2, only at bottling. The values of total SO2 at bottling cannot be higher than 50mg/l.

• No fining is allowed.

• Filtration of any kind is strongly discouraged. When it occurs it must exclusively be very bland and through mechanical equipment with pores of a size no smaller than 10 micron.

• No use of invasive practices (chemical or mechanical), commonly found in conventional wines and aimed at piloting/forcing the wine’s taste and aromatic profile, is allowed. Here are some of the most common examples: pasteurisation, sterile filtration, cryo-maceration, acidification, de-acidification, enzymes, inverse osmosis etc.


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